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Thursday, 17 December 2015

When I first came to the case almost seven years ago I found Jeremy had many campaigners and supporters. These people were all making a contribution to spreading the word of Jeremy’s innocence but what struck me was the lack of synergy between them. Many campaigners didn’t know each other and had very fixed ideas about how they wanted to support Jeremy, who was unable to manage and coordinate discrete groups of people from his confinement of prison.  

During this period Jeremy had been waiting patiently for the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to make a decision in his case. I was surprised the CCRC had initially made a refusal to refer to the appeal court in 2004. This was after many costly forensics in the region of £15,000 paid for by friends of Jeremy’s who desperately hoped to see him get the freedom he deserves.

This of course was deeply troubling for me to sit and watch especially with access to the submissions and forensic reports. I was baffled. Doing what I could to support Jeremy, some work colleagues and myself joined together to produce a new web site for him but I still wanted to see greater cohesion from supporters. This presented problems because of the range of geographical locations of those people and also the diverse nature of their personalities. Also, between 2004 and 2012 more forensics were carried out totalling almost £25,000 for further submissions to the CCRC.

After this, an early attempt to make supporters unite failed and eventually the team working directly with me were unable to commit long hours to the cause over many years. Each person’s contribution was valuable and to be honest by 2010 and the Guardian’s exposure of the fabricated scratch marks on the mantle, followed by the Daily Mirror’s publication of Jeremy’s alibi on their front page, we all thought the CCRC would make the vital referral to the Appeal Court. After the February 2011 provisional refusal by the CCRC, followed by the final refusal in April 2012, the campaign, lawyers and Jeremy were left knowing we needed to raise our game in this adversarial system.

During the summer of 2011 I had worked extensively with the dedicated support of Lorna Lake, a lady who knew a lot about mental health and took the time to discuss Sheila’s psychosis with me. Over a number of years Lorna and I had grown to be great friends and colleagues working for Jeremy. Lorna had made a number of contributions to the campaign through her many contacts and secured significant media exposure, as well pressing for forensic work to be carried out. Lorna pushed relentlessly to obtain more paperwork on Jeremy’s case and we tried a number of methods to obtain disclosure from the police without any joy. 

Finally in September 2011 our search paid off and we obtained a transit full of documents disclosed after the 2002 appeal. Over 120 A4 Lever arch files had to be scanned and a document management system put in place. A lot of material was duplicated, it’s a common method of the police to ‘over disclose’ the same material up to ten times or more to try to overwhelm the defence with too much evidence to search through. Nevertheless, dedicated scanning meant that comparisons could be made of statements and in many cases the material wasn’t duplicated but edited. Vital evidence had been removed from the original copies disclosed to the defence pre-trial. After the documents were scanned and electronic copies sent to HM Full Sutton, Jeremy spent 18 months reading through this material at night on his ‘access to justice’ laptop, which was only available after ‘bang up’. Jeremy searched almost all the documents and produced material detailing what was in each folder and making comparisons. He also catalogued and referenced every single file and remembered the thousands of file names, recalling the reference numbers with ‘identic memory’ like capability I’ve never known in anyone. Eventually the ‘access to justice’ laptop reached the end of its ‘allowance period’ and all of the material came back to me in electronic format, totally catalogued and with word documents contextualising the evidence.

During this time Lorna had been recruiting campaigners who had offered to help us in an official capacity and along with others who had come to me directly, we began to form a more formal organization. All the people who are part of our management team were handpicked because we have the same ideas and vision about how the campaign should operate our top priorities, our ethics, co-operation and truth. About twelve months ago we decided to develop the company strategically and I discussed my ideas with Trudi Benjamin who then began talking to an accountant about possible legal entities for the campaign. Legal and forensic and even prison law for Jeremy is not paid for by Legal Aid. I was shocked to read more lies in a newspaper article claiming that Jeremy had obtained Legal Aid for a number of ‘parole hearings’ when of course he has never been entitled to a single parole hearing as a whole life tariff prisoner. No such financial claims were ever made, but all manner of journalists, muddled and incompetent writers with pre-conceived agendas, and sensationalist programme makers continue to make bad history of Jeremy’s case, life and person by using faulty theories, discarded narrative and superannuated chronologies of the case with the sole purpose of unethically lining their pockets. 

After a long conversation with one of Jeremy’s legal representatives about funding forensic work I realised that her suggestions of raising money to help could be put into action but it would need to be carefully planned. The ethics surrounding raising money for prisoners maintaining innocence is always a divisive issue and this also had to be taken into consideration. It has been with extensive planning that Trudi and Pat Benjamin have been able to take the campaign to the next level as Directors of the Limited Company. We are sure that 2016 will see the release of Jeremy as a direct result of funds raised for forensics and promotion of Jeremy’s innocence in the media.

I also want to thank all of the campaign members Heidi, Trudi, Pat, Lorna, Matt and Yvonne as well as former official colleagues: Martin, Simon, James, Tom, Mel, Maria and Mark - without your help the campaign wouldn’t have reached where it is today.

Founder & Administrator

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Yvonne: Julie Mugford

I have described previously the work I do with Jeremy and how we manage to uncover the actual facts of the case.

We can now show that evidence given by Julie Mugford in her witness statements was manipulated by Essex Police in order to deceive the Jury into the false belief that she was a credible witness of good character.

How we evaluated a small part of her evidence is detailed below.

According to Essex Police documentation, Julie Mugford made no fewer than thirteen witness statements to Essex Police. These statements were dated 08.08.85, 08.09.85, 10.09.85, 23.09.85, 14.10.85, 18.11.85, 23.11.85, 09.12.85, 17.12.85, 10.03.86, 08.05.86, 18.05.86 and 05.06.86.

The statements in bold type have never been disclosed to Jeremy or his Defence Counsel and we only uncovered the existence of these none disclosed statements in June 2015. As yet it is unknown what was included in these missing statements.

I unearthed this fact in the following way. I created a document based on the Police document referencing system known as the Holmes computer system. Here the Police allocate each document a specific number which details which “box “or “boxes” the document was in and the number of it. So for example Julie Mugford’s first statement was given the police reference of Holmes 6/147, 17/423, 20/30, 33/182, 40/542, 45/115 and 75/73. So as you can see there is not just one copy of this particular statement but several each allocated a separate and unique referencing number by Essex Police.

By extracting the reference numbers I was able to search the campaign’s document data base in order to detail our reference number alongside the Police one so that we can easily locate the document an example of which is shown below:

Once all the information had been extracted and a chart created it became evident that  Essex Police have hidden five of Julie Mugford’s statements from Jeremy, his lawyers and the Courts.

This has been done in the exact same manner for every single person involved in the case, Civilian, Police Officer, doctor etc. The chart which is well over 200 pages in length details well over a thousand individuals in total and several thousand statements and a whole catalogue of anomalies have been revealed. The evidence extracted from this chart is still being analysed.

The served copy
The “served copy” of Julie Mugford’s statement was the only statement discussed at Trial and the only statement shown to the Defence, the Judge and the Court.

So what is a served copy? To put it simply Essex Police had the authority to create a single statement cherry picking information from all the statements Julie Mugford had made to include on it.

I cross referenced the individual statements we have had disclosed against the “served copy” in order to see what exactly had been hidden by Essex Police. To do this cross referencing I firstly typed each of her statements (Including the served copy) into the computer and gave each one of our unique reference numbers. From there I went through each statement word by word and highlighted the words, sentences and paragraphs using a different colour font for the sections that had NOT been included in the served copy.

Once this had been done I could then create a document where all the omitted paragraphs, and sentences could be detailed and reference made to which statement the information had been extracted from.

Next I created a simple chart which was made up of a series of boxes like this:

Finally, on this issue a document was created in the format which we use for the lawyers so that they could have this information in an easy to understand and yet comprehensive form.

From doing this work it became clear that Essex Police manipulated the evidence of the key Prosecution witness, withholding from the defence, the Trial Judge and the Jury the truth of events, and hiding evidence of numerous criminal activities which had been committed by Julie Mugford ,in order to deceive the court to believing that she was an honest and trustworthy witness.

Full disclosure of case documents Essex Police still hold including the hidden statements created by Julie Mugford is now required.

Please sign our petition demanding the immediate release of case documents at:

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Trudi: Spreading the word!

As a member of the campaign team I'm often asked two questions by people: What do I actually do? And what can they do to help?

I’ll pretty much do anything I'm asked to promote Jeremy’s campaign and my days can be diverse and rewarding, or mundane and frustrating. My main focus for the organisation is as a spokesperson and promotion of the campaign via social media.   I like to think of myself as a good communicator.   If nothing else I really do love to talk about Jeremy’s wrongful conviction. I concentrate pockets of my every day to social media; tweeting, Facebook posts and generally looking for angles and doing research into the best ways of making sure that Jeremy is not forgotten by the general public.    I do constant research into the case to refresh my memory or hone in on certain areas where I need to be well versed, especially regarding complicated or new pieces of evidence.  

I e-mail and write letters to many people from different areas of society; MP’s, celebrities, documentary producers, journalists and anyone who I think might listen.    There have been some minor successes but we’re still waiting for a major celebrity or a justice-minded figure in the public eye to take up Jeremy’s cause.    I tell members of the public who contact me that spreading the word is the most important work that they can do; to use their social media accounts to publicise the website and the current petition and to send their photos to the official Instagram page at jbfreedomframes@gmail.com.  We want millions of people to be as outraged as we are that Jeremy has spent 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

In October 2014 we launched the wristband campaign.  The idea was to give campaigners, friends and supporters of Jeremy a tangible way of showing that they were 100% behind his innocence.   Demand was fantastic and the rewarding part was all the fantastic emails and comments from people who had otherwise been silent, consolidating what we already knew, which was that there are literally hundreds of people out there that believe in Jeremy’s innocence.  

A couple of months later we added window stickers, again another way for campaigners to take their message onto the streets in a more physical way.   Many people reported the success of sticking them on their front doors and the many impromptu doorstep chats they elicited with folks who otherwise may not have even heard about Jeremy.    All the wristbands and window stickers are packaged and sent out daily, so people aren't kept waiting.   Wristbands and window stickers are still available by emailing your address to jbcampaign30@hotmail.com.  (No addresses will be held on file).

In July, Miscarriage of Justice victim, Michael O’Brien and I appeared on The James Whale BBC Essex Radio Show.   The focus of our segment was to defend “The Bamber Bake Off” which had come under criticism for being in ‘bad taste’ by a victim advocate group.    The Bake Off was launched as a tribute to June Bamber, who was a talented and creative baker and also to remind people that Jeremy was himself a victim.   I was very happy to defend the Bake Off, safe in the knowledge that the wonderful memories Jeremy has of his mother have kept him strong and meant so much to him.  Michael was amazing and gave the campaign such a boost with his brave anecdotes of his own wrongful conviction that stretched over 11 years. It told people clearly: miscarriages of Justice do happen and it is still happening to Jeremy right now.    There were several follow-up media interviews, which provided really important publicity for the campaign.

I’m currently focusing on promotion for the petition and the ThunderClap.  I have contacted hundreds of people by e-mail and social media asking them to sign the petition join the ThunderClap and encourage all their friends and family to do the same.  This petition is vitally important to inform the public exactly why Jeremy remains in prison after 30 years.   The non-disclosure of evidence remains at the heart of this case, evidence that the original jury was not able to consider, and evidence still after all this time is refused to the defence.  

This week will also see the despatch, to all University Law Departments and Innocence Projects, of a new campaign poster featuring a QR code linking to the petition.   Hopefully, this will be displayed prominently so that all interested law students can use their smart phones to sign the petition.

Please, even if you signed the petition it is still important to sign up to the ThunderClap on 29th September, ensuring that our social reach for the petition is as large as possible.   This date marks 30 years since Jeremy was arrested and charged, and his liberty was taken from him.  

Look out for all my reminders during the next two weeks!

Join the Thunderclap
Sign the Petition
View the website

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Yvonne: Finding the needle

I work very closely with Jeremy on a daily basis by both telephone and letter.

I study in depth   thousands of scanned pages of case documents in order to uncover the truth behind the injustice Jeremy suffers and the reasons why it happened.

After studying and cross referencing a huge array of documents covering very complex and complicated issues, Jeremy and I create simple, easy to understand documents containing all of the facts and references and present these to Jeremy’s lawyers. Some of these documents are also used on the Official website and are on occasion, provided to the media to support Jeremy’s innocence.

One example is detailed below.

Law Report 2006
After Jeremy’s appeal in 2002 a number of documents were given to Jeremy’s legal team.  These documents were restricted under Public Interest Immunity (PII) and Jeremy was not allowed access to them. In 2006 a Supreme Court Judgement  changed the rules regarding PII and it became possible for these documents to be disclosed. Jeremy received them in 2011.

The documents included statements made by Police Officers, and Logs from the scene on the day of the tragedies. It also contained information regarding telephone calls and messages received by the police, details of the investigation, the Actions undertaken by the police and a whole array of other internal Police documents. 

Once Jeremy had access to them the process of analysing the content of these thousands of pages could then begin and this is just one of the things which I help Jeremy do. Firstly each page was scanned and given a unique reference number and then added to Jeremy’s huge case database. The originals were then securely stored and we work through the scanned copies.

Jeremy and I have compared and cross referenced a huge number of pages of documentation and it is only by doing this detailed, meticulous, analysis that many key issues relied upon by the prosecution at Trial are now proven to have been falsified. This includes alterations, amendments and additions made to a vast number of documents.

One example of this involves statements given to Essex Police. When a statement was given to the Police it was in a hand written form and this is the same for statements made by Police Officers. These hand written statements were then typed out and it is the typed version, which was then used in evidence. However in many instances statements made by both the Police and civilians had key evidence which would have supported Jeremy’s innocence omitted from them and significant changes made to them when the typed version is compared to the hand written version.

Both Jeremy and myself are blessed with a fantastic memory recall, which is one of the reasons why we are able to extract as much new evidence as we do. This ability to recall evidence means that conflicting evidence is easy to spot. On their own merit some of the conflicting details and anomalies mean little but when amalgamated with other evidence, which has emerged it then becomes highly significant.

With hundreds of pages Jeremy and I have still to examine in great detail it is a tantalising and exciting thought that more evidence to support Jeremy’s innocence could lie within these pages waiting for us to discover.

Thousands of pages of documents and photographs still remain undisclosed, and it is believed that Essex Police know that the proof of Jeremy’s innocence is contained within them or else why not disclose them to us 30 years after the events?

Even without this further disclosure, Jeremy’s freedom is guaranteed based on the vast extent of what has been unearthed since his last appeal in 2002.
Jeremy Bamber will be home soon.

Please sign our petition for full disclosure of case documents. https://t.co/f1YMfHmrDT

1  Taylor v Anderton (Police Complaints Authority Interviewing), Ante, at Pg. 465 (Archibald, 2006 Pg. 1356
11 In October of 2011 a transit van containing 24 dusty boxes of case material was delivered to the organization’s founder Sarah Hanover.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Heidi: Sign today for release of ALL case documents

It had bothered me for some time that so much evidence is being withheld by Essex police using Public Interest Immunity (PII). The information has never been seen by Jeremy’s Defence so how on earth can the full picture of what happened be put together? 

It’s a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and just as you’re about to complete it you realise a couple of pieces are missing! In Jeremy’s case there are literally thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of photographs missing. In fact, 98% of the original case is completely missing! To me, it’s a scary thought that a case can go to Trial and your Defence Team have not been given all the evidence and especially when a person’s future is in the balance. 

Then it dawned on me… why not start a Petition to have ALL the information released?! After all, I’ve noticed over time that family, friends and Twitter followers are equally puzzled by this anomaly. 

How can Jeremy Bamber have a fair Appeal when Essex police refuse to this day, 30 years on, to release all the Documents to Jeremy’s Defence? So began the Petition with the support of the Jeremy Bamber Official Campaign. The Petition is now on Change.org and the signatures and supportive messages are increasing daily. Take a look…

You can help Jeremy by adding your name. People power really works!